Scioto Water, Inc.

Welcome to our website!

      As I'm sure you will be able to tell, this site is still under construction and for right now there's not a lot of information available, but please be patient and as I get more time and learn more on website development, I will start adding new things and hopefully update the site more often.

      I've added and/or revised a couple of the pages. What was previously listed as the "Picture Gallery" before is simply scanned images of Scioto Water's Service Areas back in 1970 and as of 2011. I have added our current policies and procedures as a .pdf file, have started a new page that I will be posting photos on, and I have put our Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs) on here on a new page. The CCR is also in a .pdf  format and a link has been provided for a free download of Adobe Reader if needed to review the reports.

Please continue to be patient as I learn what I'm doing. Thanks, JS